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Trevor Trevor Colby Scout Lvl #
Endurance 18 Pistols 13
Strength 15 Light Machineguns 7
Reflex 23 Shotguns 43
Dexterity 51 Rifles 47
Perception 40 Assault Rifles 5
Cost for 2 day(s) HP 104 Sniper Rifles 10
no items AP 20 Machine Guns 4
28,670DollarIcon Specialization: PERCEPTION: -3
382GoldBar SHOTGUNS: +3


Aussie gadget-master Trevor Colby can turn a harmless toaster oven into a lethal weapon. He actually built a series of toaster bombs and tried to blackmail a multinational company, but was discovered and taken to a secured mental hospital. That facility was recently destroyed in a series of mysterious explosions.

Starting items:Edit

M1 Carbine - Junk Quality

7.62 FMJ x200 Ammo



LVL Cost Cost/Day

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