Stephen Stephen Rothman Soldier Lvl #
Endurance 29 Pistols 68
Strength 68 Light Machineguns 22
Reflex 21 Shotguns 17
Dexterity 61 Rifles 9
Perception 25 Assault Rifles 81
Cost for 1 day(s) HP 218 Sniper Rifles 7
2 Cuban Cigars AP 19 Machine Guns 11
16685DollarIcon Specialization: ENDURANCE: -3
521GoldBar STRENGTH: -3


Moving back into the diamod trade after being forced to leave A.I.M., Rothman has continued to work as a mercenary and security advisor in the diamond industry. He protected the richest mines in the world from unhappy natives, rebels or the competition. He has become sceptic and even more independent since the incident ten years ago.

Starting items:Edit



LVL Cost Cost/Day

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