Static Kirk "Static" Stevenson Soldier Lvl #
Endurance 30 Pistols 63
Strength 64 Light Machineguns 20
Reflex 20 Shotguns 16
Dexterity 60 Rifles 8
Perception 24 Assault Rifles 74
Cost for 2 day(s) HP 215 Sniper Rifles 6
no items AP 19 Machine Guns 10
42268DollarIcon Specialization: STRENGTH: -3
634GoldBar DEXTERITY: +3


The years may go by, but Static barely seems to mature. His experience and laid-back nature allows Kirk to operate best under the cover of darkness. And don't be deceived - although he looks like a hippie, peace and love are the furthest things from his mind. Like his good friend Spider, Static can't stand the sight of insects.

Starting items:Edit



LVL Cost Cost/Day

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