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Skills describe your Mercenaries abilities - how well they can perform certain actions like aiming, how fast are their reactions, how many Hit Points they have etc. Skills are divided into two groups Body and Weapon with the latter covering all weapon types used in the game. Upon gaining new level, mercenary is granted 5 points to distribute between skills: +2 for Body and +3 for Weapon skills.

Endurance Endurance Determines how much health a mercenary has and increases resistance against negative effects.
Strength Strength Allows to use heavier weapons, reduces the effect of recoil and gives you more health. Required to wear heavy armor.
Reflexes Reflexes Increases Action Points as well as the chance to interrupt enemy. Slightly influences how fast you can ready a weapon.
Dexterity Dexterity Increases AP and Stealth, slightly influences how fast you can reload weapon.
Perception Perception Determines how soon you wil spot enemies and slightly increases your chance of hitting.
Handguns Handguns Increases chance of hitting with revolvers and pistols.
Submachine Guns Submachine guns Increases chance of hitting with SMGs.
Shotguns Shotguns Increases chance of hitting with shotguns.
Rifles Rifles Increases chance of hitting with rifles.
Assault Rifles Assault Rifles Increases chance of hitting with assault rifles.
Sniper Rifles Sniper Rifles Increases chance of hitting with sniper rifles.
Machine Guns Machine Guns Increases chance of hitting with MGs

Ap Action Points decide How far you can move. Preliminary base formula to calculate Action points is:

14 + (Dexterity + Reflex) / 17

Fractions are rounded down.

Commandos have +3 AP bonus, Scouts have +2 AP bonus, Soldiers have +1 AP bonus, Gunners and Snipers have no bonus at all.

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