Disclaimer: I am a noob so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

Sing, sing, sing...

Rescue the missing daughter who has been kidnapped by an evil cult. Sounds like a great job for our good guy heroes. The fact that you were sent on this mission by Don Gheradi could make you a little nervous, but you get over it. Who doesn't want to defeat the evil cult and save the innocent girl?

One of the rewards for completing this whole campaign is a penicillin which since the new patch I can't seem to find anywhere. The mission itself is quite easy just get to the green square. You could probably run it with a well armoured merc but obviously more fun is sneaking around and killing all the evil cultists who are probably planning to summon Great Cthulhu or something equal. You can go the direct way through the forest or the winding way to the left via the campfire and around the west of the hut. Either way is good. This mission is very straight forward. Snipers will kick butt here, SMG assault teams have no issue, it is all good!


Get to the hideout.

Take 15 or less hits.

Land 10 headshots.

Land 3 critical hits.

This should be an easy mission to get a gold star for with no bullet or time limit but the landing 3 criticals can be annoying because it is so random.



% Chance to find

# Items dropped
Gun Crates 40 10
Airforce IOU 36 9
Penicillin 12 3
Controller Chip 4 1
Machine Oil 4 1
nothing 32 8

Missions played: 25

All Mission were playes after the reset in August 2012.

Accuracy improves with the number of Missions played. So feel free do add your own Mission results.

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