Shadow Kyle "Shadow" Simmons Commando Lvl #
Endurance 29 Pistols 83
Strength 36 Light Machineguns 98
Reflex 81 Shotguns 26
Dexterity 75 Rifles 11
Perception 29 Assault Rifles 13
Cost for 1 day(s) HP 168 Sniper Rifles 8
2 Jungle Guide AP 26 Machine Guns 21
40880DollarIcon Specialization: Perception +5
1332GoldBar Dexterity +5


This ex-ranger and sniper has turned stalking into an art form. The Shadow could be lurking about right next to you and you'd probaly never know it. That snow drift, sand dune or piece of shrubbery could be him. True to his name, THe Shadow had vanished for the last decade...

Starting items:Edit






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