Scope Sheila "Scope" Sterling Sniper Lvl #
Endurance 21 Pistols 22
Strength 25 Light Machineguns 17
Reflex 32 Shotguns 9
Dexterity 56 Rifles 68
Perception 71 Assault Rifles 11
Cost for 1 day(s) HP 114 Sniper Rifles 86
- AP 19 Machine Guns 7
23418DollarIcon Specialization: DEXTERITY: -5
731GoldBar SNIPER RIFLES: +5


Despite rumours abaut a paste as a flight attendant for an airline offering "special services", Scope has made a name for herself as a top-notch sniper with great moral flexibility. Her whereabouts in the past years are unknown. She has recently resurfaced, looking for work in her usual field.

Starting items:Edit



LVL Cost Cost/Day

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