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Resources are needed to upgrade and improve facilities in the HQ.

\* - NO LONGER VALID / CANNOT BE FOUND: Some of them, like Beer are needed when hiring certain mercenary, other like Airforce IOU or Violin Case are needed to start some missions.

Name Level Gold Bar Price Picture 80% Chance To Find In Mission Needed For
Airforce IOU 3 22GoldBar AirforceIOU Picking up the pieces Upgrades
Penicillin 3 11GoldBar Penicilin Upgrades
Machine Oil 3 13GoldBar MachineOil


Flat Tires

Gun Crates 3 13GoldBar Guncrates Last Stand Upgrades
Beer* 5 3GoldBar Beer
Controller Chip 5 6GoldBar Controller Packin' Heat
Vodka* 9 5GoldBar Vodka

Beloved Baby

High C-4

High Noon



Gun Licences* 13 4GoldBar GunLicense



Sand Bags 13 83GoldBar Sandbags Rain on our Parade Upgrades
Gun Blueprints 14 34GoldBar Gun-Blueprints Delivery of Packaged Goods Upgrades
Passports* 15 6GoldBar Passports Sing,Sing,Sing

Gardening 101

The Spy Who...

Parachutes* 17 4GoldBar Parachutes Get Off My Property

Deep Blue

Ahoy There




Monitoring Tool 18 20GoldBar MonitoringTool Change of plans Upgrades
Bike Parts 18 21GoldBar Bike Parts Gardening 101
Cuban Cigars* 19 6GoldBar Cuban-Cigars
Evidence - not in shop - needed for storage upgrades 19 8GoldBar Evidence

Flat Tires

Goodbye Johnny


Earmuffs 20 23GoldBar Earmuffs

Hostile Takeover

Port Assault

Blue Light* 20 3GoldBar Blue lights Deep Blue

We Aim To Please


Jungle Guide* 22 3GoldBar JungleGuide Sanyachi

Forrest Hideouts

No Mercy

Arms For The Poor


Hackbox 24 4GoldBar HackTool Shovel and Lime A Kill With a View
Video Game 33 35GoldBar VideoGames Bodysnatchers
XXX Magazine* 35 4GoldBar XXXMag
Flight Manifest* 38 7GoldBar FlightManifest
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Tree Sap 38 28GoldBar TreeSap
Truck Parts 43 33GoldBar TruckParts Loose Ends
Violin Case 44 ?GoldBar ViolinCase Living Large
Uranium 45 39GoldBar Uranium

Cargo Inspection

The Bottom Of It (needs verification)

Living Large

Funding Problem

Arulco Silver 47 10GoldBar ArulcoSilver Mountain Retreat Gus
Diplomatic Passports 62 17GoldBar Resource helicopter interieur big Fail Me Once Landfall
Blood Diamonds 63 20GoldBar Resource blood diamonds big High C-4 Sidney