Reaper Carl "Reaper" Sheppards Commando Lvl 10
Endurance 17 Pistols 25
Strength 21 Light Machineguns 30
Reflex 43 Shotguns 8
Dexterity 35 Rifles 4
Perception 15 Assault Rifles 4
Cost for 3 day(s) HP 119 Sniper Rifles 3
- AP 21 Machine Guns 7
30687DollarIcon Specialization: DEX: +3
456GoldBar REF: +5


If you come face-to-face with Carl Sheppards, chances are you're on your last breath. One of his former COs described him as "potentially too dangerous even for A.I.M service". He could not find an employment after A.I.M. was destroyed and spend a number of years living on the street - no one has dared to ask him whether he suffers from clinical depression.

Starting items:Edit



LVL Cost Cost/Day

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