Razor Bill 'Razor' Lamont Commando Lvl 7
Endurance 16 Pistols 22
Strength 20 Light Machineguns 26
Reflex 47 Shotguns 7
Dexterity 30 Rifles 3
Perception 8 Assault Rifles 4
Cost for 3 day(s) HP 115 Sniper Rifles 3
no items AP 21 Machine Guns 6
24843DollarIcon Specialization: PER: -5
373GoldBar REF: +3


Only Razor's love for details and his finesse in handling knives protected him from being called a Butcher. He is proud of his ability to carve the alphabet - at least the vowels - in his victim before they bleed to death. His new ambition is to shoot a poem into an enemy's chest - in Morse code.

Starting items:Edit

Skorpion (Poor)

9mm FMJ (200 Rounds)



LVL Cost Cost/Day

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