2nd mission in An end to White Christmas contract.

Description and WalkthroughEdit

Quite good for grinding $$ since gives over 12k $ for only 10 fuel and no items.

Requirements and RewardsEdit

Requirements Mission Map
Reputation: ? MinimapDummy
Fuel: 10
Resources: -
Max Merc Number: 3

Completed 1st mission in contract.

Cash: 12 106 DollarIcon

Achievement requirementsEdit

Only take 20 or less hits Just do not get hit too often ;]
Complete the mission in 25 or less turns 3 mercs at lv 35 each can complete it in 14-15 turns.
Only fire 100 bullets or less Headshots help but at lv 35 as I tried it few times bodyshots are still ok.


Resource No. of items % chance to find
Parachutes 3
Controller chip 2
Hackbox 1
Gun Blueprints 1
Blue Light 2
Gun Licences 2
Gun Crates 5
Passport 2
Airforce IOU 1
XXX Magazine 1
Tree Sap 1
Sandbags 1
Cuban Cigars 1
~yno resources 5 -
~zTOTAL: ~z27 ~z-

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