Missions are available after entering the World Map. After choosing the Contract, the mission selection window opens with a list of available missions for that contract, monetary reward, Reputation gained when the mission is accomplished and Achievement Conditions for each mission. Certain amount of fuel and sometimes other resources or requirements are needed to start the mission.

Reputation Rewards depend on company overall reputation level - the best reputation "prize" awaits for a contract which is unlocked at a certain level - although it also means slightly higher difficulty. When the Merc enary Company has a much higher reputation level than the contract - the reputation reward is also close to nothing. Experience points gained from killing enemies are different and depend on mercenary level.

Below are all available missions listed contract by contract.

  • Reputation level needed for the chapter to become available is written in blue;
  • Mercs - number of mercs slots in the mission and optimal mercenary level for getting EXP;
  • Money - monetary reward for successfully finishing the mission;
  • Resources - possible additional reward for finishing the mission.

For more specific information on each mission please check corresponding mission page in the wiki.

The list below is updated on irregular basis.

For most detailed and up to date summary of our findings visit google docs document:

Remember 1999Edit

Reputation level 1 Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Blood, Sweat… 1 1 20% Gun Crates, 20% Machine Oil
… and tears 1 1 45% Penicilin, 20% Gun Crates
Boat Ride 1 1 30% Controller Chip, 10% Penicilin, 10% Machine Oil

Arulco's Last DogsEdit

Reputation level 3 Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Picking up the pieces 2 2 60% Machine Oil, 20% Controller Chip, 20% Penicilin
Nostalgia 2 2 40% Machine Oil, 20% Gun Crates
Last Stand 2 2 50% Penicilin

Rise and ShineEdit

Reputation level 5 Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Street Sweeper 2 2 30% Gun Crates, 50% Controller Chip
Packin' Heat 2 2 20% Controller Chip
Junkyard Dogs 2 2 60 % Gun Crates

Hell Hath no FuryEdit

Reputation level 7 Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Drinking Buddies 2 2 20% Penicilin
Beloved Baby 2 2 50% Controller Chip, 30% Machine Oil
My Home is My Castle 2 2 30% Gun Crates, 40% Controller Chip, 20% Penicilin
High Noon 2 2 20% Airforce IOU

One PercentEdit

Reputation level 10 Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Watering hole 3 3 30% Controller Chip
A Spanner in the Works 3 3 20% Gun Crates
Rain on our Parade 3 3 30% Gun Crates, 20% Airforce IOU
Delivery of Packaged Goods 3 3 50% Gun Blueprints, 20% Penicilin
Picnic 3 3 20% Gun Crates,20% Penicilin,20%Airforce IOU
Flat Tires 3 3

50% Machine Oil, 30% Monitoring Tool, 20% Penicilin, 20% Gun Blueprints

A family's little blemishEdit

Reputation level 14 Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Sing, sing, sing… 3 3 40% Gun Crates, 35% Airforce IOU
12 Feet under 3 3 60% Machine Oil, 20% Earmuffs
Get off my property 3 3 44% Airforce IOU, 25% Controller Chips
Change of plans 3 3 20% Gun Blueprints, 20% Monitoring Tool

An end to White ChristmasEdit

Reputation level 17 Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Gardening 101 3 3
Movable Assets 3 3
Goodbye Johnny 3 3

Maritime MishapEdit

Reputation level 19 Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Deep Blue 3 3 30% Air Force IO, 20% Controller Chip
Golden Goose 3 3
Breaking and Entering 3 3
We Aim To Please 3 3

Piracy DisenchantedEdit

Reputation level 22 Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Arrr! 4 4 Oil
Bounty Bay 4 4
No Mercy 4 4 BIKE PARTS 40%, IOU 10%, CONTROL CHIP 10%, EARMUFF 10% also lots craft supplies
The Root of Evil 4 4

Balikwe BluesEdit

Reputation level 25 Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Hostile Takeover 4 4
Sanyachi 4 4
Arms for the Poor 4 4
Run for the Hills 4 4

A Night to RememberEdit

Reputation level 28 Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
The Spy who... 4 4
Shovel & Lime 4 4
Forest Hideouts 4 4
High C-4 4 4
Deathly Delivery 4 4
A Kill with a View 4 4
Extraction 4 4

Letters from MarqueEdit

Reputation level 33 Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Ahio there 4 4
Cargo Surprise 4 4
Retaliation 4 4
Revenge 4 4
Reconciliation 4 4

Hole in the GroundEdit

Reputation level 37 Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Homesteading 4 4
Takeover 4 4
Mountain Retreat 4 4
Minuteman 4 4
The Bottom of it 4 4

Operation SnowplowEdit

Reputation level 41 Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Supply Train
Two Minutes
Port Assault
Boarding Party!
Cargo Inspection

A Tear for Times PastEdit

Reputation level 48 Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Hold Up
Stir Fried?
Economic Damage
The Dear Departed

Been there done thatEdit

Reputation level Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Smells Like History
Local Ambitions 5 5 Medium Med Kit, HK MG4 uncommon
Deal Gone Bad

Deal Gone BadEdit

Reputation level Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Party Crashers
Naked Truth
Bread Crumbs
The Truth is in the Dirt
Slumdog Billionaire

Balikwe CleanupEdit

Reputation level Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Cancellation Of Contract
Loose Ends
Fail Me Once
Fail Me Twice


Reputation level Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Illicit Deals
Living Large
A Tale In The Desert
Crisis Averted

Balikwe Third's the charmEdit

Reputation level Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Military Annoyance
Goin' Ballistic
Arms for The Poor
Like Christmas
Coup d' Etat


Reputation level Mercs Fuel Resource Drops
Funding Problem
Supply Drop
Chain of Command
An Eye...
Frontal Assault
Hole In The Ground

Hidden HeroesEdit

Achievement Score 60 Mercs Requirements Resources
Hidden Heroes

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