Maddog 1 Kevin "Maddog" Cameron Commando Lvl #
Endurance 9 Pistols 17
Strength 26 Light Machineguns 21
Reflex 32 Shotguns 6
Dexterity 27 Rifles 3
Perception 13 Assault Rifles 3
Cost for 3 day(s) HP 105 Sniper Rifles 2
no items AP 20 Machine Guns 5
11247DollarIcon Specialization: ENDURANCE -3
282GoldBar STRENGTH +3


Maddog is a native of Arulco and was very happy wrecking stuff with a crowbar until he was recruited into the militia during an A.I.M. operation. When the team left, he hid in their plane and just hung around the A.I.M. HQ. Even after A.I.M. was destroyed, he stayed near the wrecked facilities. He was never officially a member, but try telling him that...

Starting items:Edit

Ingram Mac 10 (Junk)


"Stick it in your ass!"

"Father kill a human!"

"How can people question my love for this?"

"Next time I kill someone, I'll take their lungs."


LVL Cost Cost/Day

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