MD Dr. Michael 'MD' Dawson Scout Lvl 6
Endurance 10 Pistols 22
Strength 14 Light Machineguns 4
Reflex 19 Shotguns 21
Dexterity 35 Rifles 25
Perception 29 Assault Rifles 3
Cost for 3 day(s) HP 83 Sniper Rifles 6
no items AP 19 Machine Guns 2
24843DollarIcon Specialization: END: -5
373GoldBar HANDGUN: +3


Fresh out of med school, Dr. Dawson eagerly awaited his first assignment, when A.I.M. HQ was blown sky-high and he found himself on the reciving end of a number of bullets. He operated on himself in the field, but then and there he vowed to make sure never to be caught unarmed ever again. He has since had some limited success as a freelance mercenary.

Starting items:Edit

Ruger PC9 (Poor)

9mm FMJ (200)



LVL Cost Cost/Day

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