Iggy Igmus "Iggy" Palkov Gunner Lvl #
Endurance 59 Pistols 17
Strength 69 Light Machineguns 11
Reflex 21 Shotguns 65
Dexterity 31 Rifles 9
Perception 20 Assault Rifles 21
Cost for 1 day(s) HP 304 Sniper Rifles 7
- AP 17 Machine Guns 81
20559DollarIcon Specialization: PERCEPTION: -5
629GoldBar MACHINE GUNS: +3


Iggy was inspired to join A.I.M. after talking to Ivan and Igor, though he didn't make the I-Team in time. He has a strong background in rocket technology and loves to experiment with heavy weapons - his last experiment exploded a Russian research facility and Iggy found himself on the open market again.

Starting items:Edit



LVL Cost Cost/Day

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