JAOmGoldenGoose Disclaimer: I am a noob so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

Golden Goose

This is a very atmospheric mission initially with the scenario that you have to rescue a "customer" from the Pirate Hideout which you approach in the rain. It all seems so mysterious. Unfortunately the "customer" has fled so you just take it out on the pirates and kill them all.

You have fairly limited choices about the way to approach this mission. Sneak around the rocks or blow up the shed is the only real choice. I know the "serious" guys say you need to do these missions 10 times to et a good feel for the treasure you get but I am not that good at grinding. I did it five times and that is enough for now and here is what I found.

Attempt number/Dropped in mission/reward at end of mission:

1/ 2 x ammo/ Earmuffs

2/ 3 x ammo, Parka:Uncommon, Hand Steadier/ Penicillin x 2

3/ 5 x ammo, SIG SG550:Junk, Light Vest:Junk/ nothing.

4/ 3 x ammo (1 was 5.7mm HP), Hunting Vest:Poor, Ruger Alaskan:Poor, Hand Steadier, UN Beret:Uncommon/ Gun Blueprints, Penicillin, SIG SG550

5/ 3 x ammo, Worn Cap:Poor/ Sterile Gloves, Lewis Gun.

6/ 4x ammo, 2 x Hand Steadier, Asprin, Thompson M1A1 Junk, Rusty M1 Junk/ Bike Parts.

I was very excited by the UN Beret because it wasn't in the shop yet and I could use it as I was currently wearing a common UN Beret. Awesome!


Kill all pirates.

25 or less turns.

80 or less bullets.

0 or less damage taken.

This has to be the most annoying objective ever. Every single mission where I have attempted this one lucky Pirate gets a random headshot or a bullet just passes through my armor. There are also 3 heavily armoured guys who do make things difficult for my style of squad which uses no snipers. I am sure with the right squad of scout/snipers you could achieve this. If you could do it in 25 turns is less certain. My SMG assault squad is horrible at both the low bullets part and the 0 or less damage part.

By Rozziee

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