Fidel Fidel Dahan Sniper Lvl 7
Endurance 14 Pistols 7
Strength 16 Light Machineguns 6
Reflex 16 Shotguns 3
Dexterity 30 Rifles 34
Perception 35 Assault Rifles 4
Cost for 3 day(s) HP 85 Sniper Rifles 26
1 Cuban Cigars AP 16 Machine Guns 3
19409DollarIcon Specialization: REF: -5
373GoldBar RIFLES: +3


Due to numerous employee complaints concerning his refusal to follow orders, Fidel "Leave me alone, I'm busy!" Dahan was suspended and at home when A.I.M. was attacked. Fidel hasn't found another employer and led a band of professional revolutionaries for a while until his insolent attitude got in his way.

Starting items:Edit



LVL Cost Cost/Day

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