Dr Q Dr. Q. Huaong Scout Lvl #
Endurance 23 Pistols 19
Strength 19 Light Machineguns 10
Reflex 29 Shotguns 60
Dexterity 68 Rifles 66
Perception 56 Assault Rifles 8
Cost for 2 day(s) HP 122 Sniper Rifles 15
no items AP 21 Machine Guns 6
37,281DollarIcon Specialization: RIFLES: -5
548GoldBar DEXTERITY: +3


Doctor Q. draws much of his medical knowledge from various branches of the ancient healing traditions and many of his weapons skills from watching Asian martial arts flicks. His marksmanship may be a little poor, but DR. Q's expertise in so many other disciplines and his encyclopedic knowledge of Bruce Lee Quotes more than make up for it.

Starting items:Edit



LVL Cost Cost/Day

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