Disclaimer: I am a noob so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

Delivery of Packaged Goods

I love this mission and have played it more than any other mission in the whole game. Why? Because it was the first mission that you can take four Mercs into that doesn't require a specific resource to play. After the latest patch the missions before and after will be in the same category.

But this mission has more to recommend it. You are on a tight timeline to go and blow up the explosives truck in just 20 turns. You will be literally running and have to rush past lots of enemies and even treasure at times. I just love the thrill of this mission as well as the first chance to start giving experience to a 4th merc.

You will be weaving between the trains after blowing up the gate. There are lots of enemies most of which aren't so tough but there is a very heavy guy near the office right at the start and a second heavy guy behing the 3rd train in about the middle.

As I like to do this mission with 4 guys I split my team into pairs, the first pair runs and takes down the easy opponents and the second deals with the bigger guys and collects the loot.


2 Mercs or less. But I usually take 4.

20 turn limit. This is what makes it fun raher than a mission where you are searching for that least enemy you missed.

Land X Criticals or headshots - I can't remember lol, I will fix this later.


I kept no records sadly but from now on I will.




% Chance to find

# Items dropped
Gun Blueprints 40 2
Penicillin 20 1
Contoller Chip 20 1
nothing 20 1
  1. Missions played: 5

All Mission were playes after the reset in August 2012.

Accuracy improves with the number of Missions played. So feel free do add your own Mission results.

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