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Danny Dr. Daniel 'Danny' Quinten Commando Lvl 12
Endurance 24 Pistols 27
Strength 21 Light Machineguns 32
Reflex 38 Shotguns 9
Dexterity 32 Rifles 4
Perception 15 Assault Rifles 5
Cost for 3 day(s) HP 137 Sniper Rifles 3
no items AP 21 Machine Guns 7
32184DollarIcon Specialization: n/a
480GoldBar END: +5


Dr. Quinten is a mountaineer, skydiver and medical practitioner. During Operation Desert Storm he gained a reputation by jumping out of a helicopter to operate on a wounded soldier lying in a minefield. He then defended his position for two hours before calling in EVAC. He has recently added weight-lifting to his hobbies - with live bears, that is.

Starting items:Edit




LVL Cost Cost/Day

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