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Conrad Conrad Gillitt Sniper Lvl #
Endurance 22 Pistols 23
Strength 27 Light Machineguns 24
Reflex 33 Shotguns 10
Dexterity 64 Rifles 74
Perception 72 Assault Rifles 12
Cost for 1 day(s) HP 119 Sniper Rifles 88
- AP 19 Machine Guns 7
28291DollarIcon Specialization: PERCEPTION: -3


With a knack for leadership, Lt. Conrad joined A.I.M. as a training advisor after seeing the merits of regular pay. For the last decade he worked in a number of operations but was caught and imprisoned by the Balikwe military. He was released recently - but burnt through his savings in the process.

Starting items:Edit



LVL Cost Cost/Day

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