These Article is based on STEAM Version of the game. There is no GOLD in STEAM version.

For every Class in the game you can find class set to buy in the store as PACKAGES. Class sets are combinations of items (body Armor, Head gear, weapn, ammo) for certain class in the game. diferent Packages are avialable in store with larger game progress. For example You can buy Basic sets at 5 point of reputation and advanced sets after reaching 27 points of Reputation.

Basic Sets (4,500 IG$) aprox. 45 GOLDEdit

Solider Set: Sturmgewehr 44 - Rare, Army Face Paint, 2X 7,62  FMJ.

Commando Set: Shipka, ski mask, 2X 9mm FMJ

Gunner Set: RPK, Bandolier, 2x 7,62 FMJ

Sniper Set: SV-99, Sniper Cap, 2X 5,56 FMJ

Scout Set: MKS 995, Mounty Hat, 2X 9mm FMJ

Advanced Sets (42,900 IG$) aprox. 429 GOLDEdit

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