Disclaimer: I am a noob so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

Change of plans

"That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aons even death may die."

So how shall we rescue Mary now that she is a part of the cult? Well that is the change of plans. We don't. Instead we must exterminate the entire cult and Mary to save the planet from their devilishly evil plans. But when you finally get to the cult headquarters what do you see? An old fashioned church and a large American flag. Are we really killing the right people?

This is an easy mission to complete but hard to achieve all objectives. I found shotgunners constantly popping up from behind corners and damaging me and sticking to the 50 bullets when one of my guys only uses SMGs was very hard. Again there is very little armour here only one guy so a fast moving rifle/shotgun team will probably rip them apart easily but machineguns fail.


Kill all the evil cultists before they destroy the planet.

Take 5 or less hits.

Fire 50 or less bullets. (13 enemies to kill so bring high damage weapons!)

18 turn time limit.

Attempt number/Dropped in mission/reward at end of mission:

1/ 3 x Green Berets Poor (must be their cultish uniform) / monotoring tool.

2/ M24 poor, Leather Jacket Poor, Hand Steadier, 3 x ammo/ nothing.

3/ Hunting Cap Junk, UN Cap Common, Dillinger's BAR Epic, LEather Jacket Common/ Earmuffs, sterile gloves, soldier wire.

I wish someone in my squad could use that awesome epic weapon.

By Rozziee



% Chance to find

# Items dropped
Gun Blueprint 16 1
Monitoring Tool 33 2
Gun Crates 33 2
nothing 33 2

Missions played: 6

All Mission were playes after the reset in August 2012.

Accuracy improves with the number of Missions played. So feel free do add your own Mission results.

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