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Buzz Louisa 'Buzz' Garneau Gunner Lvl #
Endurance 52 Pistols 14
Strength 61 Light Machineguns 14
Reflex 18 Shotguns 54
Dexterity 27 Rifles 7
Perception 22 Assault Rifles 17
Cost for 2 day(s) HP 277 Sniper Rifles 6
2 Gun Licenses AP 16 Machine Guns 69
41,360DollarIcon Specialization: MACHINE GUNS: +5


Buzz Garneau's life has undergone some major changes in the past years. Being forced into a mountain hideout with only Lynx as her company and the just-rejected manuscript for her tell-all book, "Under Cover, Under Lynx" hasn't made her more even-tempered. She has been seen muttering to heavy weapons and shooting all men dangerous looks.

Starting items:Edit



LVL Cost Cost/Day
13 1.120

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