Buns Monica "Buns" Sondergaard Sniper Lvl 2
Endurance 9 Pistols 6
Strength 21 Light Machineguns 5
Reflex 18 Shotguns 3
Dexterity 27 Rifles 17
Perception 32 Assault Rifles 3
Cost for 3 day(s) HP 79 Sniper Rifles 21
no items AP 16 Machine Guns 2
11247DollarIcon Specialization: END -3
282GoldBar STR +3


The prim and proper Monica Sondergaard may seem to be an unlikely candidate for the rough and tumble mercenary life, but she more than meets the minimum requirements. Buns explored a number of careers: kindergarten teacher, geriatric nurse, Danish sharpshooter at the Atlanta Olympic games, and professional soldier.

Starting items:Edit


"Hahaha! ... I'm sorry. It's not really funny..." (after scoring a headshot)

"If I must..."


LVL Cost Cost/Day

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