Bull John "Bull" Peters Gunner Lvl #
Endurance 66 Pistols 18
Strength 76 Light Machineguns 12
Reflex 22 Shotguns 71
Dexterity 33 Rifles 9
Perception 26 Assault Rifles 23
Cost for 3 day(s) HP 330 Sniper Rifles 7
- AP 17 Machine Guns 84
81777DollarIcon Specialization: STRENGTH: +3
866GoldBar ENDURANCE: +3


A massive man of few words, John Peters prefers to let his actions speak for him. Despite his experience as a U.S. Army MP, he has concerted lack of respect for authority and is easily angered. He probably spent as much time in the brig as he did guarding it. Bull was quite angry when A.I.M. was taken down and is looking for payback.

Starting items:Edit



LVL Cost Cost/Day

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