Third mission of Remember 1999 contract is a tutorial for beginners to familiarize them with headshots and explosive objects in JAO.

Description and WalkthroughEdit

Mission description says "Get to the boat." Follow the green areas, kill enemies, use the explosive objects to kill groups of unsuspecting enemies.

Requirements and RewardsEdit

Requirements Mission Map
Reputation: Tutorial MinimapDummy
Fuel: 3
Resources: -
Max Merc Number: 1
Other: -
Cash: 1,050 DollarIcon

Achievement requirementsEdit

Land at least 1 headshot. Shoot within the min / max range of your weapon. Kneeling can greatly increase your accuracy.
Complete the mission in 30 or less turns it is easily completed in less then 20 turns
Only fire 20 bullets or less Trying for headshots can put you over the limit, use caution.



% Chance to find

# Items dropped
Controller Chips 30 3
Machine Oil 10 1
Penicilin 10 1
nothing 50 5
  1. Missions played: 10

All Missions played after the final release.

Results improve with the number of Missions played. So feel free do add your own Mission results.

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