The first mission of the Remember 1999 contract is a tutorial for beginners to familiarize them with moving and shooting in JAO.

Description and WalkthroughEdit

Although the mission description says "Follow Gus' instructions", the mission is bassically sneaking around, killing enemies and reaching the truck at the end of the level.

Requirements and RewardsEdit

Requirements Mission Map
Reputation: Tutorial MinimapDummy
Fuel: 1
Resources: -
Max Merc Number: 1
Other: -
Cash: 785 DollarIcon

Achievement requirementsEdit

Only take 1 mercenary for this mission - Is always met
Complete the mission in 25 or less turns - Takes less than 10 turns
Only fire 9 bullets or less - The 3 targets are optional

- They have low health and are easy to kill



% Chance to find

# Items dropped
Machine Oil 18 11
Controller Chip 15 9
Gun Crates 18 11
Penicillin 13 8
Nothing 35 21
  1. Missions played: 60

All Mission were played after the reset in August 2012.

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