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Blood Keith 'Blood' Hanson Commando Lvl #
Endurance 23 Pistols 60
Strength 29 Light Machineguns 71
Reflex 65 Shotguns 19
Dexterity 61 Rifles 8
Perception 19 Assault Rifles 10
Cost for 2 day(s) HP 144 Sniper Rifles 9
no items AP 24 Machine Guns 15
47,357DollarIcon Specialization: SNIPER RIFLES: +3
696GoldBar DEXTEITY: +5


Whether it's jungle warfare or close-quartered combat, Blood Hanson is your man for the assignment. Trained in the martioa arts, his ability to fling a combat knife into an enemy's neck is a sight to behold. Blood had a short-lived career as a gangsta rapper's stand-in after the original was shot.

Starting items:Edit



LVL Cost Cost/Day

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