Barry Barry Unger Commando Lvl #
Endurance 20 Pistols 46
Strength 22 Light Machineguns 55
Reflex 56 Shotguns 15
Dexterity 47 Rifles 6
Perception 12 Assault Rifles 8
Cost for 3 day(s) HP 128 Sniper Rifles 5
no items AP 23 Machine Guns 12
40154DollarIcon Specialization: Strength -3
361GoldBar Perception -5


Hungarian-born Unger is part of a new breed of mercenaries. He learned most of his trade the safe way - in the classroom. His studies included a wide range of infiltration techniques as well as tactical training. He also took survival and cooking courses, but he didn't do well in the latter.

Starting items:Edit

AK-SU 74 (common)

5.56 mm (200)



LVL Cost Cost/Day

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